Monday, October 24, 2011

The TLT is the new BLT

Just like 40 is the new 30, the TLT has replaced the BLT.

T= Tempeh
L= Lettuce (spinach, kale.... you pick)
T= Tomato

While eating tofu came naturally for us, tempeh did not. I must admit, we were a little frightened by it. Finally after learning more we took the plunge and have been enjoying it ever since!
Tempeh is sold in several varieties, plain or seasoned. For TLTs, I recommend these smoked varieties!

So simple and quick to make!

1) Toast your bread (we use multigrain)
2) Slather on the Vegenaise (or try Wildwood's Garlic Aioli!! Sold at WFs).
3) Warm the Tempeh in your skillet
4) Slice your tomatoes
5) Prepare your lettuce (we use spinach)
6) Assemble!

Tempeh is delicious and nutritious! Don't be afraid!


Adults: 2 thumbs up!!
Kids: 2 thumbs up (the other 2 aren’t fans of the smoked tempeh)

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